The Click – Part 2

You can find Part – 1 here


I woke up at 10 A.M disturbed by the morning light. I looked around surviving my surroundings. A table, a chair, mirror on the wall, a bed to my side and a fridge in the corner. Thank god i am in my house. I thought i was drunk and must have been on a road or worse in a police station. But i am safely tucked in my small little room. I stood on my feet as i tried to remember what happened last night. The light from the window was bugging me. I closed the curtains and took a glass of water and sat in my chair. As i started drinking water i slowly remembered that i over dosed on the internet. It was a term i use to joke on my friends about there internet addiction, even when i was one of them. “Damn, not again !” i reflected as i remembered that i missed my classes today. I went into the bathroom and took a cool bath. I came out and laid down on my bed. I was stressed that i missed my classes. I had to do something with my addiction to the internet.

My thoughts over bore me and i laid there in that way for a hour or so. Finally i gave up and sat still on my bed. I felt too lazy to go out for anything, so i decided to switch on the PC to pass the morning. I took out a can of beans from my fridge and started heating it on my stove. After the beans were cooked to my satisfaction i sat with them in my chair adjusting it so as to face the desk properly. I ate in silence for a minute or so. Today it was surprisingly silent in the neighborhood. I enjoyed my breakfast, i was relaxed. “It’s OK” i told myself. Just missing a class must not frustrate me so much. I reached below the desk to switch on the CPU of my PC. I reached harder but weirdly enough i can’t touch my CPU. Keeping the bean can aside i looked down and to my surprise i can’t find the CPU.

“What the heck ? !” was the only thing i could say.

I was puzzled confused and in that confusion looked side ways just to make sure that i wasn’t imaging things. I wasn’t. I leaned back and started to wonder. Finally i was agitated. But that wasn’t all, my keyboard was gone, my screen too. And in it’s place was my cam facing me. I was perplexed to see this. I placed my cam in my cupboard after i reached home. How can this be here ? I looked around in my room. It was all the same, the only difference is the negation of my PC. What the heck happened last night ? My thoughts became overwhelming, the last thing i did was chat with my friend. I sat on the chair for sometime, confused and furious. Finally i reached for my cam.

Before i took my cam i got a call from my friend’s mother. I took the call and spoke to her. She asked me whether i know anything about his son’s whereabouts. I replied that i just chatted with him the other night and don’t know where he was after that. She said that my friend got a call later and he left home saying that he would meet me. I was further agitated. What does she mean by meeting me ? He didn’t mention any such thing to me. I told her the same. I heard a soft voice. Someone was talking to her. The person took over the phone and talked to me. He says he is a police officer !

He asked the same questions my friend’s mother asked. Only in more stiff manner. Finally after i answered him with some patience and more irritation he told me to inform him any new updates and had cut the call. In my agitation i didn’t think properly, but now that i sat down i started to have this doubt what the heck is a cop doing in my friend’s house ? Reminded by what my friend’s mom said i looked at my phone’s call log. What the hell ? ! My friend’s number is in the log. Did i really him the previous night ?

I was shocked. And slowly i started to feel frightened. Did i meet my friend ? I raised my head. The cam ! It’s lens shining. It may have photos of the things i did last night, assuming that i carried it with me. I took my cam and opened the gallery in the menu. I started browsing the photos. It started with some old photos. Impatiently i skipped to them. I finally reached the pictures dated yesterday. It was the regular breakfast to dinner photos with my usual clicks of other regular things. I reached the last photo i clicked. The one i clicked when i reached my house. I pressed next button mechanically. To my horror there were more pics !

One of me leaving the house. Few pictures indicating that i walked down the street and a few with my FRIEND ! What the hell ! I met my friend yesterday ? ! How in the god’s name did i forgot that ? I was unable to believe my eyes. I scrolled to the next few of them. They followed as so. I and my friend went to a bar and then got little drunk. We went to a public park and finally started walking. I can’t say how long but by the number of clicks of it i can say that it was far than we usually walk. Finally we reached a remote place. All dark and barren and isolated. The next few clicks were of me and him laughing.

I was more agitated. Not only did i went out with my friend but also forgot that i did. Damn me. But my horror doubled when i looked at the next picture. My friend covered in blood and laying on the floor. Blood all over his body. Shocked i dropped the cam and started to shiver in fear. What the hell ! After a while i picked the cam from the ground and pressed next all the while trying not to shiver in fear. Now watching the next picture i was truly horrified. This wasn’t the picture of the aftermath of the incident. This was the last picture of the gallery. It was me sleeping on the floor in my room from an angle which could be probably from the top of the computer table. Who the f**k in the god’s name clicked this if i were sleeping at that time ?

It couldn’t possibly be me because it wasn’t possible for me to make a click from that angle. Besides i can see my hands curled to my body. In shock and agitation i threw the cam to the side and stood up from my chair to go out. As i reached for my door, a faint voice behind me perplexed me. “I love you DigiX 150”. I turned back to horror. “I will never ever leave you or ignore you”. I told this to my cam when i bought it. But i don’t remember recording it. I went close to it walking almost in total horror. I took the cam from the ground, the audio still continued as i took it into my hands. The display was broken, still in shock i turned it so the lens can face me.

As i turned it a sudden flash and a click sound followed. The flash was so intense and so sudden i almost jumped back. I tripped over something and fall back. My head hit something. Whether it was the wall or the chair in that confusion i understood nothing if not little. My eyes were itching and i can’t see anything. I tried to stand up but my legs didn’t support me. I started feeling dizzy and as i touched my head it felt wet. Slowly i recovered my senses and in shock i was still unable to shout out or stand up. I crawled up to the window to the side of the door. I looked outside. Usually there would not be a soul to help me, but not so surprisingly i can see the cops approaching the door to my room.

That is the last thing i recall. As of what happened later the only thing i can say is that i ended up having paralyzed. The police looked for evidence in my single room and were unable to find anything. Surprisingly my broken cam has no pictures in it. But that isn’t the most surprising thing. The thing that amused the cops and me was that there was no blood or prints on my friend’s body. My mother and myself heard this story in awe. After all the ruckus, even though when my friend’s mom still sued me, the cops let me go. This isn’t a happy ending my friends as you will see in my next few words.

My paralysis was terrible i can’t move or talk properly. I can’t have a normal life. I can’t go to the bathroom alone. That wasn’t the worst thing. On my birthday my parents got my camera fixed (yes, the same camera) and gave me as a surprise present. They took a picture with me and left it on the table facing me. After they left to do there daily chores, I got both scared and furious at the same time to see the cam in-front of me. But was unable to do anything to it. Maybe it was my fault telling my parents that this camera was my life. If i hadn’t, then at-least i would not have to see this cam again. If only i could reach it, i will break it to a hundred pieces and burn it still it melts. If only i could reach it. My eyes became moist as i understood my helplessness. And at this perfect moment of my camera’s day it clicked my snapshot leaving me to cry more.


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