The Click – Part 1

Hello fans and fellow bloggers i am back with another story. Hope you will enjoy it as my previous story.


Today is the happiest day of my life so far. Today i bought a new digital camera plus a 4X lens. It’s optical zoom, it’s digital display, it’s menu and the interface everything were just awesome. I would not give this cam in exchange for anything, even for my life. Such are my feelings and emotions for the cam. A hour ago when i eagerly opened the box of the cam tearing of the plastic seal and taking out the cam, i had only one thing in my mind. That this is my life partner and to heck with the love and marriage stuff. Those are for naive humans, and i am a photographer from right now. Looking at my cam i said “I love you DigiX 150. I will never ever leave you or ignore you”. God that sounded crazy.

My daily chores are now different and useful. While normal people woke up to there alarm sounds, i woke up to the calls of nature. While everyone on the park benches and footpaths were busy with there smart phones and I thingeys, i was busy with the present, living and capturing the moments with my cam. While there were times when people looked from there phones and gave a innocent smile. There were also times when people posed some hostility towards me. My cam changed me a lot, i met new people like musicians on the streets, bird people in the parks and also a biker with huge biceps and dark tattoos. Some said they liked my shirt, some liked my photography style. But most of all they liked my cool cam. The color, the model, the design, the resolution. So many people liked it for so many reasons. It connected me to new people. While various people liked it for various reasons the main reason i liked it was for it’s analog style snap sound. Yes. I could have bought any model of cam, any brand, any feature but none could have the “Click”.

Some old cams used to make this sharp click sound when the picture was taken, which i have to admit is so fascinating to me. My grand father used to have one such cam which made the click sound. I don’t know why but the sound made me feel so good that i used to click photos of random things in my grandfather’s house only to hear the sound. But as with all good story it ending badly. It broke and my grandfather didn’t buy himself a new one. He wasn’t angry at me but he wasn’t pleased either. When i was eighteen i bought a new cam, but sadly by then old ones were out of production. The digital beeping sound didn’t interest me at all. It sounded awkward and unnatural. So it ended up in the cupboard box and stayed  there until it was thrown out by my father.

But it was an another story. Coming to my present story, i started clicking photos of my everyday stuff. My home, my college, my way home, everything, even the toilet. Within a week the photos in my computer reached a thousand items with a size of nearly five gigabytes. I was shocked and thrilled at the same time to look at all the pictures in the folders that were named and stored accordingly. Looking at the thumbnails of the pictures i felt like i achieved something. But there was one catch. What to do with all these pictures ? Surely that was a challenging question because i don’t intended to delete anything, ANYTHING ! !

After thinking for a few minutes i came upon an idea. Let’s send them to a photography contest. That sounded like a good idea. I switched my PC on and opened the web browser. It has been a while since the last time i opened my facebook account and actually chatted with anyone, but now is not the time for such silly things. I opened google and started looking for some useful local photography competitions. Local ones would be better. I browsed for a while and was unable to find anything of my use. Some were national wide, while some were asking an entrance fee. I don’t have the self-esteem to go national or the interest to pay any money. So i kept searching and after a hour of useless browsing i became tired and opened facebook. I started liking and commenting the posts of people i don’t know and thus a hour passed by. I realized that i was distracted and that my main task was to….. My friend pinged me and i started chatting with him. I chatted about my new friends, my cam and how i intend to participate in a photography contest and so on and on. And with it i was back to my naive human life. Sorry my dear cam.


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